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Buho Rock Resort is located in Poro, Camotes Islands.


This page provides you a list of Cebu’s beaches & resorts.

This Cebu beaches list gives you more than a hundred (and growing) of Cebu beaches and resorts available in this website.

This page is your link to those individual pages that provides more details of the resorts or beaches you want to learn more about.

In those individual pages, you can directly link or contact any resort or beach located in Cebu province since Bluewaters provided those contact details in those pages.

Now, let’s talk about this page where you can find the links of Cebu beaches list.

For this page, I categorize the resorts or beaches according to their locations and rates in general basis.

There are four major popular places in Cebu Province where you can enjoy the warm sunshine, cool waters, and nice beaches.

Here they are…

Cheap Cebu beaches list
When you visit Cebu or in any of its beaches, you can always find lots of choices in terms of rates, accommodations, services, locations, among others.

This list offers a particular island (quite secluded) which is located a bit detached from the mainland Cebu island.

The consolation and reward you will gain from visiting this island is that it offers budget and cheaper rates, not overcrowded, more pristine and natural environment.

So, here is the list of…

Camotes Islands Beaches

Bano Beach Resort, Bellavistamare Beach Resort, Borromeo Beach Resort, Buho Rock Resort, Bakhaw Beach, and more through the link below.

Click this Camotes Islands Beaches & Resorts for a more complete list or link of this island’s resorts resources. Enjoy then!

Cheap & Medium Rates Beaches List
In Moalboal, there are various sorts of beaches with lots of choices and rates of accommodation and services depending on the resort and its location.

One of the most popular beaches in Moalboal is Basdaku, which is famous for its white sand beach. Another one is Panagsama Beach where you can find accommodations specializing visitors you love scuba diving and such active events.

So, here is the list of…

Moalboal Beaches

Please, click Moalboal Beaches & Resorts to go to more beach resources in Moalboal.

Medium & High Rated Beaches List
For this list category, I included two popular islands in Cebu. For these two islands you can find great accommodations, services and beaches with pretty similar rates.

These two islands are also special – secluded, pristine, and lots of water activities you can enjoy with. They are popular especially for scuba diving, snorkeling, fantastic bars, and tropical accommodations.

Here are the two and their resorts and beaches links:

Malapascua Island Beaches

Bantigue Cove Beach Resort, Blue Corals Beach Resort, Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort, Celtis Resort, Cocobana Beach Resort , Dano Beach Resort , Evolution (resort and dive center) , Ging Gings Flower Garden Rooms , Hideaway Resort , Hiltey’s Hideout Homes Malapascua , Hippocampus Beach Resort , Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort

Click here for more Malapascua Beach Resorts.

Bantayan Island Beaches

Abaniko Beach Resort, Alice Beach, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort,
Beach Placid Resort. See more at:

Please, click here to see more of Bantayan Island’s resorts.

Luxurious & High Rated Beaches List
Mactan Island, which is adjacent to the mainland Cebu, is one of the famous islands for resorts in Cebu Province.

One of the advantages is that it is located right where the Cebu-Mactan International Airport is located. Foreign visitors come here directly from outside and go straight to a beach.

Please, check out here some of…

Mactan Island Beach Resorts

Alta Cebu Resort, Be Resorts Mactan, Cebu Marine Beach Resort, Cebu White Sands at Maribago Bay Hotel. See more at:

Click here for more of Mactan Island beach resorts link page. Have fun!

Other Cebu Beaches & Resorts

You can find a lot more of choices of beaches, resorts or other adventures if you look further. You can visit resorts and other vacation facilities in the North and Southern part of Cebu Province.

If you are a real traveler, backpacker, or simply an adventurer, you can find more budget and cheaper facilities with fantastic offers and services.

Okay, here are some links where you can find specific pages for other resorts or beaches that offer budget rates…

Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort, Larville Pool Garden Resort, Meili Beach Resort,
Villa Rosa Resort, Voda Krasna Beach Resort, Tingko Beach Resort

See more at:

More links for Cebu’s travel resources…

Please, click the highlighted link to find more COMPLETE LIST of beaches and resorts available in this website.

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We wish you all the best in your travels, vacation or whatever you may call it.

Have fun and be safe always!

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