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Jun 16, 2018

Pescador Island Marine Park | Cebu Bluewaters

Pescador Island Marine Park is a popular destination for sea and marine life divers and lovers. It offers beautiful sea views and fascinating underwater marine biodiversity.

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Jun 05, 2018

Top Cebu Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

Irristible Cebu Movenpick Hotel & Resort on Mactan Island, Cebu. Movenpick offers not only fantastic rooms but also amazing seaviews, beach, business and leisure facilities and services you can avail on the great island of Mactan, Cebu, the Philippines.

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May 27, 2018

Aabana Beach Watersport Resort on Malapascua Island

Aabana Beach Watersport Resort is proud enough to offer its establishment with personalized services and accommodations. It has fun water sport facilities for your holiday or extended stay. Been there and done that, fortunately!

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May 26, 2018

Badian Municipality

Badian Municipality is one of the popular municipalities in Cebu Province. It has an fantastic and varied topograghy providing travelers with breath-taking waterfalls, white beaches, natural landscapes, forest areas, and more.

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Mar 21, 2018

Great Cebu Fort San Pedro | Cebu Bluewaters

Historic Cebu Fort San Pedro Is a Triangular Fortress Built During the Spanish Occupation. A popular site for history enthusiasts and tourists alike to want to explore and enjoy Cebu's historic legacies.

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Mar 20, 2018

Whitish Camotes Islands Beach Resorts | Cebu Bluewaters

Camotes Islands beach resorts are one of the best among Cebu Island's white and pristine beaches. Camotes offers clean, serene environment and natural attractions. You can dive and jibe, swim or simply dip in its clear waters anywhere around the islands.

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Mar 14, 2018

Cool Liki Spring in Argao | Cebu Bluewaters

Liki Spring is a cool natural water springing from the big crack of a rock in Argao. Both locals and travelers come to get refreshed and taste its natural beauty.

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Mar 11, 2018

Daanbantayan Municipality | Cebu Bluewaters

Daanbantayan Municipality in Cebu Province is one of the most popular travel destinations on the island. Particularly, visitors go to Malapascua Island to enjoy the beaches, the tranquil environment, scuba diving, or simply explore the white islets nearby.

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Mar 10, 2018

Educational Biga Pit in Toledo | Cebu Bluewaters

The interesting Biga Pit in Toledo City was once an open mine that turns into both educational and attraction site due to its view and the panorama of the surrounding area. The bluish water is formed inside the pit making a home to some water creatures.

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Feb 22, 2018

Cebu About Us at Cebu Bluewaters

Cebu About Us Cebu-Bluewaters.Com. This page tells about this site and the amazing travel and holiday resources in Cebu Province. You will enjoy the beaches and mountain resorts, waterfalls, canyoneering, island hopping, and more relaxing and outdoor activities.

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Feb 03, 2018

Top 5 White Island Beaches In Cebu | Cebu Bluewaters

Top 5 White Island Beaches In Cebu page describes Cebu's top islands famous among Cebuanos and non-local travelers. Check out the tropical white beaches and excellent resources here.

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Feb 01, 2018

Mantayupan Falls in Barili | Cebu Bluewaters

Mantayupan Falls is an interesting natural site to visit in southern Cebu. Simple and affordable facilities can satisfy your day's visit of this resort.

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Jan 13, 2018

Patrocinio de Maria Church in Boljoon | Cebu Bluewaters

Patrocinio de Maria Church in Boljoon Town is a unique and historical structure built during the Spanish period. It is worth your time and resources.

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Jan 09, 2018

Bamboo Inn Moalboal | Cebu Bluewaters

Bamboo Inn Moalboal is a nice resort accommodation with great cottages. It is ideal for backpackers, travelers and vacationers in Moalboal area.

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Jan 07, 2018

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is one of the best travel destinations in Southern Cebu. The island is famous for its shifting sandbar, dive sites, marine life, crystal-clear water and water activities.

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