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Bukilat Cave on Poro Island, Camotes Islands, Cebu, PhilippinesInside Bukilat Cave with its 'hallelujah' aperture (photo credit: lan Limbonis)

Bukilat Cave of Poro Island

Bukilat Cave is one of the eight natural caves and the most popular among them.
This prominent cave is interestingly located on the island of Camotes in its northeastern side.

It is called after the name of a local leader (‘Bukilat’) who was residing close by when the cave was first discovered long time ago.

A lot of versions of interesting stories surrounding this cave can be heard from locals and those who claim to knowledge about this cave’s story.

For one, many is agreeable with the idea (or fact) that Bukilat Cave has been used by the local islanders when the Japanese imperial army invaded the province and have reached this far.

To learn more about this interesting cave, let’s describe some of its basic features as below…

Interesting Features

At present, the cave is only basically developed to accommodate visitors from various places.

To keep the surroundings and the internals of the cave pristine and natural, only very few ‘developments’ are allowed to be implemented, such as making concrete steps from the entrance leading down towards the inside. This makes it safer for visitors to climb up and down, especially among children and older visitors.

Stalactites and stalagmites. These are signs that the cave is old and the usual attraction feature for caves in general. They are not huge compared to other popular caves in the world but interesting enough to explore with this cave’s size.

Right in the middle of the cave, there is a huge aperture (like an opening of a camera) where light comes through during a bright sunny day. This produces a heavenly sight and creates a sense of awe, so you can say (or sing) ‘hallelujah’.

In fact, the entire cave has 7 openings but not as huge as the one in the middle light is reflected on the pool of water inside making it sparkle and lighten the entire cave.

The pool inside is huge enough for guests to dip in with its hip and knee-deep water levels. The water is quite cool and very refreshing.

Many believed that the water is good for health. That’s because it is clean and pure water. Besides it contains minerals that are naturally produced from its natural sources.

Early Development

In the 1970s, the cave and its surrounding have been made accessible to locals and other curious visitors.

Such improvements for access to the cave were popularly made by a missionary who was assigned in the area (Father Joseph M.H. Wierts, MSC). He used the place as part of his education and religious activity with his students.

With his students, he improved the place by cleaning up and making it safer for access to any visitor.

The said missionary also held religious ceremonies inside, which is a perfect place since it is cool and quiet for such religious activity. This may not be a common activity inside this particular place, but caves in other countries and since time immemorial are considered sacred and safe abode among humans.

Some Conservations Instructions

Guests inside Bukilat Cave are not allowed to do things that are practically and sensibly detrimental to this natural attraction.

You are not allowed to eat your provisions, drink liquors, do vandalism (including carving or scratching the walls, stones, etc inside the cave with sharp objects or anything). You are also not allowed to smoke inside as it causes mineral reactions to the elements inside, aside from causing pollution inside this pristine space.

Penalty for any violation: PhP500 per violation (stricter and stronger penalty should be implemented more than that amount)

Now, if you are interested to enjoy or explore this cave and Camotes Islands, the following guide could be helpful in your travel.

Finding Bukilat Cave on Camotes Islands

Bukilat Cave of Camotes Islands is located in McArthur, Tudela Town, Poro Island. Poro Island is one of Camotes Island’s major islands composing it.

The cave is in the Northeastern part of Camotes which is also a popular area among travelers and short-time visitors of the island.

Getting There
There are only limited choices of transport resources when you visit the place. Here are the transports:

A single motorbike that can take one back rider or so will bring you (for PhP50 or so) to the location of the cave. The rate is only for those who are already on Poro Island, which means that the rate would be different if you are from other area, such as Santiago Bay or other resorts located not in Poro.

A motorbike with a sidecar (tricycle) is your another option. This one can take more passengers (up to 4 or 6) but the rate is higher than the ‘habal-habal’ one (single motorbike). You need to deal with the driver/operator first to fix the rate before departing.

A small type of jeepney (multicab) is another possibility but not a common ride (at this writing) for that direction since they need more passengers to cover their gas expense.

Certainly, if you can rent a ride or have your own vehicle, you just need to ask for directions and you’ll be there in a jiffy. If you are coming from Cebu City or other province, you can take with you your own vehicle of any size via ferry.

If you are coming from Cebu City, you may use this travel guide page to get to Camotes: Getting to Camotes Islands. The page features transports and other helpful tips to get to the island.

More Camotes Islands beach resorts and attractions can be found here.

Camotes Islands Accommodation

You can find lots and various accommodation or hotels on Camotes Islands or nearby Bukilat Cave if you wish to search them.

Find hotels and accommodation with photos, updated rates, and more details through a popular and world famous online hotel provider - Agoda, among others.

You can click the link here or above to search accommodation available on the island. You have many choices. Among the popular one is Santiago Bay Garden resort where visitors stay and use it as their base for their tour around the island. Enjoy searching now!

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Have an islandful of fun!

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