Alegria Heritage Park

alegria heritage park

alegria-parkAlegria Heritage Park (Baluarte - center structure) Photo by: Jan Pagalan

old alegria heritage park's landmarks

Alegria Heritage Park has upgraded its surroundings through support from the local government. This is to encourage and attract more visitors and to satisfy that growing number of tourists in this quaint and historical municipality.

Alegria is one of the most historical places in the province which is also evidenced by century-old relics and landmarks still visible up to this day. Plans to supplement its attractions is building a fountain at the heart of the park.

At Alegria Heritage Park, one can comfortably stroll its grassy and paved pathways while enjoying the sea views and the refreshing clean breeze from the sea.

Sits, Benches, and Lampposts

As you can typically see in most public parks, you can also comfortably seat on the benches of the town’s park. It is not crowded. It is clean, tidy and green.

Old Structures and Landmarks

Saint Francis Xavier Church. This Catholic was built in 1857, and it is now over 160 years old and still standing and serving the faithful in the locality.

Artifacts in Kalambulakan Cave unearthed in 1999 serve as evidence that proves the town’s rich historical heritage. These findings are the treasures not in themselves but due to their historical value – telling the story about how the town came to be.

Bantayan sa Hari. This is the watchtower where soldiers during the Spanish period watch out to alert locals whenever pirates come to pillage the village. It is built and located just across the church.

thriving tourism industry

The governor is supporting the town politically and financially, and the municipal government has received some amount to help promote and boost its tourism industry. Alegria is rich in varied resources that are attractive resources for tourism and therefore the income of the municipality. Here are some of them


Farming in Alegria’s fertile land is a productive activity and significant source of income in the municipality. Myriad farm products are being consumed and sold by residents and some being sent to other towns nearby.

Encouraging farmers to cultivate organic farm products attracts not only buyers but also tourists who want not only to consume safe products but also to simply and curiously see plants grown organically. 

Historic attractions

As you can see above, old structures from the not-distant past, still stand at the heart of Alegria town. Among them, the most famous one is the Baluarte (watchtower) which is located in the middle of the park. In 2012, the governor (Gwendolyn Garcia), made the Baluarte as the most significant landmark among Alegria Heritage Park’s elements. This declaration is signified by a plaque attached to the wall of the watchtower. 

Canyoneering resources

Tagged as one of the top five travel destinations in Southern Cebu by the province’s tourism commission (Cebu Provincial Tourism Commission). The streams and creeks that provide water to all living creatures in the area like veins act as resources to active and adrenaline pumping activities among trekkers and canyoneers. Canyoneering is a new-found outdoor activity in the province that attracts not only local trek enthusiasts but also foreign travelers to want to taste some of Cebu Province’s local travel attractions.

The potential of the town to becoming thriving historical and eco-tourism destinations is unstoppable. With support from its dedicated officials, residents and provincial government, we can already see and experience that town’s progress.

getting to alegria town

From Cebu City, it takes over 2 hours to get to Alegria’s town center. Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal that goes to Santander via Barili.

Thanks for reading and hope you will be one of the new visitors of Alegria if not already one of the visitors who enjoyed its travel resources.

Have a great day!

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