Sayaw Beach Resort in Barili


Sayaw Resort is nicely located in Barili, Cebu, Philippines.

You can easily find it along the highway of Barili Town.

Sayaw is a transliteration for both “swallow” bird and the noun/verb for “dance” in Cebuano or Bisayan language.

Yup, it is a white sand beach resort – most Cebu beaches are (although others are much whiter) since the whole provincial island is coral based or build on the foundation of corals. (Anywhere on the mountains you can easily find seashells and other sea materials).

Facilities and other services are not established, not commercialized, which means that you need to provide your own supplies.


Sayaw Beach Resort is a place where the popular Mantapuyan Falls is located. You can take a motorcycle to or from Mantapuyan Falls to Sayaw Beach anytime you want.

You can find smaller caves, if you want a bit of adventure, but you need to rent a small paddle boat (Php300 for 3-4 guests) and paddle to the other side of the beach to find them. Paddling would be interesting and fun, if you haven’t done it before yet and especially when you get to your cave destination.

Molave Farm
Close to this white beach, you can visit a farm that offers fresh cow’s milk, dairy ice cream, and other snacks you may find.

If you want to get back to Cebu City, you need to take the last bus at 8PM then. If you can’t catch it, you find it hard to get a place to sleep over. Of course, people in such places are kind and generous to offer you a place in their humble abodes.


Cottages / Entrance Fees
Yes, you can rent a cottage at the beach for 150 to 250 Philippine peso unit. You maybe required to pay 20 pesos if you want to enter into the beach, which is basic for most public beaches on the island.

Private Rest House: (PhP100/hour)
Nearby the beach is this private house where you can stay as long or as short as you want. That’s a nice and fair offer, I think.

Travel Tips
You might need to bring your own preferred food and drinks, not only to save and satisfy your taste but also because the food resources in the area are not very available. Only a smally ‘sari-sari’ store (small store with basic stuff including cigarettes, biscuits, canned salmon, candies,etc.)

But, of course, if you want to travel light and spend less and live simply, you can survive enough with this store’s provisions.


Before getting to this place, you may have to reserve your cottage, pumpboat or any to make sure you get what you need upon arrival.
Contact +63 926 379 0731 (Marliz) for you room or anything available facility and service you need.

Take a bus (coach) or mini-bus from South Bus Terminal bound for Barili. Then, you have to get off at Shamrock - a famous bus stop in the south where you can take your breakfast/lunch (or proceed to the public market for more food choices).

From Shamrock or public market, you can take a motorcycle for Mantapuyan Falls or Sayaw beach.


Candugay Beach
Mantapuyan Waterfall

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