Malapascua Island Beach Resorts
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Malapascua Island Beach Resorts

Malapascua Island Beach Resorts

Malapascua Island is a tiny famous island in the Visayan Sea of Central Philippines.

Malapascua is located at the northernmost tip of Cebu Island, Daanbantayan Municipality, Cebu Province, the Philippines. It has been said that it is discovered fairly recently as a diving destination.
Just like most islands in the Visayas, Malapascua has great white sand covering its pristine beaches.

It is just about 2.5 kilometers long and a kilometer wide. You can walk around the island to fully circumnavigate it, or you can ride a bike, hire a motorbike or take a boat.

When I visited this beautiful island last year (August 2013), I hired a motorbike to see the best places I wanted to see, such as the Bantigue Cove area. I should walk around the island next time to fully experience and enjoy the whole place.

Amazing things and places to see

Thresher sharks and beautiful coral gardens made this small island known. Diving is almost synonymous with this amazing island.

You will notice that there are a number of great services that provide you facilities to experience the underwater world of Malapascua, which is actually popular not only among locals but also foreign water activity enthusiasts, especially scuba divers.

Many dive resorts here provide formal and on spot classes and lessons on diving. These are mostly provided in English language since most learners are coming from various countries. Of course, they have complete PADI learning materials and diving equipment that you can avail depending on your package deal or any.

Bounty Beach Resort

is one of the famous white Malapascua Island beach resorts. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy its beauty…

I don't exactly know the story behind the name of this particular beach on this island. However, I am willing to guess that it is called by such name because it is a "bounty" if you come to this place with a bit of hardship (probably traveling that far) and getting rewarded with this beach's beauty--white sand, blue sea, great view of the horizon, among other things you could describe in words.


Amazing coral gardens & dive sites

Being an island far from the main island of Cebu, you can imagine Malapascua like a gem in the middle of the blue ocean.

Being as such, you can find amazing dive sites provided by the colorful corals and everything the live symbiotically with them – angel fish, mantis shrimp, and all colored sea creatures.

Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal are three of the most popular dives sites close to this island.

In Monad Shoal, you can find an underwater plateau where bigger (and scarier) creatures frequently roam – the famous thresher sharks and the manta rays of Malapascua.

Many threshers and manta enthusiast would go that far to get what they are looking for and would return home satisfied and loaded with happy memories!

Okay, additional information or anecdotes regarding this island might be helpful…

Malapascua’s Origin

The name ‘Malapascua’ can be literally translated from Spanish to mean ‘bad’ (mal) and ‘Easter’ (Pascua).

Legend has it that when the Spaniards traveled in the Visayas they got stranded on the island on Christmas Day due to bad weather condition on December 25, 1520.

Because of that bad experience, the voyagers called the island ‘Malapascua’. Although the island is popularly named as such, locals would insist on calling it ‘Logon’. Whether the anecdote of the island is true or not, no one knows exactly its origin and nobody can confirm it as such.

Scuba Diving at Monad Shoal

If you are a diving enthusiast and a serious one, then you are at the right place.

However, if you are just learning the ropes of scuba diving you can also enjoy diving at its basic level since Malapascua has its resorts that provide diving lessons with  their expert and professional trainers.

You can snorkel? That's a good start then.

If you are on this island, Monad Shoal is your destination as an expert diver. It is just about 20 minutes from the island by pumpboat.

This is where you can find thresher sharks, devil rays, eagle rays, manta rays and hammerheads. But, don't get disappointed if some of these creatures won't appear as you expected since some occur only seasonally.

Getting Ready with Diving Gears

Of course, you need to be armed with gears for scuba diving when you are on the island, especially when you are determined to dive its waters and explore its beautiful creatures.

Surely, the dive shops can provide you what you might need. But you might prefer to have your own gears for a much safer feeling.

You can use your nitrox tanks when you dive here as an expert and advanced diver. This is being provided by most dive centers on this islands who are experts in this field.

bounty-beach-malapascua-islandLife on a beach is relaxing...

Finding Malapascua Island Beach Resorts

To get to one of Malapascua Island beach resorts, or on the island itself, it is much easier to do if you are in Cebu mainland since it is closer and convenient to do so. The following are the best ways to reach this tourism destination fast...

By Plane
You can get to Cebu via various means including airplane. Mactan-Cebu International Airport is both a national and international gateway to this province. The airport is around 150 kilometers south of Malapascua Island. No, there's no airplane that goes to that island.

From Cebu To Malapascua
Take the following transports available to get to Maya Port where you have to get the pumpboat (outrigger boat) to Malapascua where you can find Bounty Beach Resort.

By Bus
Take a bus (aircon or non-aircon) from North Bus Terminal in Cebu (around 7 kilometers from Mactan Airport). Any of the two popular bus companies, Ceres and Rough Riders, can take you to Maya Port in about 4 hours. Relax, because you would surely enjoy your ride, just as I did, since the highway is just by the seaside.

By Taxi
If time is very limited for you, you can hire a taxi that will bring you to Maya. Make sure you have some ideas of the fare, and try to deal with the driver before taking off.

Pick-up Service
If you booked a resort on Malapascua, there's a great possibility that your resort will bring you with their our service car or vehicle, if that's your preference. However, you need to pay additional charge for that service, which is cheaper than taking a taxi. The advantage in taking this offer is your comfortable transfer from the airport or anywhere in Cebu. Maybe, a lot safer too.

Basically, it is that easy to get there. For a more detailed guide, you may click this link on the how to Getting To Malapascua Island.

Please, let us know if you need further information in getting to Malapascua and finding Bounty Beach. Most of the resorts listed below are close to Bounty Beach resort itself.

malapascua-island-cottagesCogon Grass Cottages

Malapascua Island Beach Resorts

The following are white Malapascua Island beach resorts in Daanbantayan and Logon. You have a plethora of choices depending on your purpose, facilities and services you prefer...

Bantigue Cove Beach Resort
Blue Corals Beach Resort
Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort
Celtis Resort
Cocobana Beach Resort
Dano Beach Resort
Evolution (resort and dive center)
Ging Gings Flower Garden Rooms
Hideaway Resort
Hiltey’s Hideout Homes Malapascua
Hippocampus Beach Resort
Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort
K 4 (K5) Bamboo Cottages
La Isla Bonita Cottages
Logon Beach Resort
Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort
Malapascua Legend Resort
Malapascua Garden Resort
Mangrove Oriental Resort
Matterhorn Malapascua
Aabana / Mike & Diose’s Beach Cottage
Moonlight Resort Bar and Restaurant
Mr Kwiiz Lodging House
Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort
Purple Snapper Dive Resort (KUAN BA)
Slam’s Garden Diving Resort Malapascua
Sunsplash Resort Malapascua
Sunset Beach Resort Malapascua
Tepanee Beach Resort (Wifi)
White Sand Bungalows Malapascua

Thank you so much for the visit and you find Malapascua Island Beach Resorts page useful to your search.

Keep safe and enjoy your holidays!

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