Granada Beach Resort, Boljoon

Granada Beach Resort. It is a simple and natural photo of Granada's beach front. The sea is full of life - whale sharks, corals, fishes, etc.

Hammock, lounge, cottage, coconut... (Photo:


Granada Resort is a boutique hotel nicely located by the beach in Boljoon, Cebu.

Its eight bedroom boutique on a peninsula has 360 views of the blue sea.

Granada is set very close to the restored 15th century Spanish Baluarte – a watch tower that was used to warn the locals when slave traders from the Southern part of the country come to do their hunting business…

If you have been reading the other pages, you would notice that there are lots of watch towers in Cebu Province. They were built, mostly during the Spanish period, to prevent Cebuanos from being taken forcibly to work on farms or fishing farms of ancient rulers in various parts of the neighboring places (countries).

Anyway, Granada Beach Resort is where you can easily watch or swim with whale sharks since it is their home.

Boljoon is a famous place for swimming or snorkeling with these gentle giant fish.


Where Granada Resort is located, you can enjoy a lot of interesting activities and things you can do while on vacation or a day break.
Surely, you would enjoy any of the following activities depending on your taste and sense of adventure…

Scuba diving & snorkel
The hotel front is a coral wall drop off of over 100 feet deep making it great for diving and snorkeling

It means taking a boat to the neighboring places, such as islands, attractions, historical landmarks, etc.

Cultural tours
Granada is an old village where people have been living since time immemorial. During the Spanish period, the locals where very much influence by foreign culture reflected through the extant building…

Mountain walks
Where Granada is located, you’ll find and walk or hike hills and mountains with green plants, trees, birds, and all. Very refreshing environment, isn’t it?

Local village tours
It is a great experience to see how locals are living at present and learn what the place like hundreds of years ago. Until now, you can see and touch 16th century buildings built during the colonial period, among others.

Painting and Drawing
Since this is a beautiful place, you can develop, enhance or perfect your skill in arts by doing paintings or drawing on nice scenes of the area.

Beach bonfires & Music
Wow, irresistible!

Yes, love it!


Repeating and in addition to the fun and interesting things to do here, Granada offers more facilities and services which can perfect your holiday in this special part of the province (or the world)!

Here we go…

Swimming Pool
Aside from the beach, you can enjoy the fresh water of Boljoon through this pool. Of course, you can order snacks and beverages available by pool-side’s pool bar, too!

Spa & Massages
Offers ranges of treatments: massage, facials, manicures, pedicures

This means taking the boats to visit the neighboring white beach island to have picnic, snorkel, swim, sunbath, or play any games.

Cultural tours
Mountain walks
Offer tours to local villages for culture and tradition

Bowling – grass lawn bowling

Arts (painting & drawing)
Granada encourages guests painting and drawing and offers supplies for a small fee only.

Beach Bonfires & Music
You can have a live acoustic guitar upon request or at a certain times

Roof Terrace
A great space for relaxing under the sun or romantic evening; light meals and drinks can be served

Dive shop with a resident PADI Certified Instructor
It is a great chance to learn how to dive safely and properly to fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

DINING at Granada Beach Resort

I think dining is one of the most defining moments when you talk about holiday, vacation, break, party or anything at all. So, let’s check out…

Open-air Restaurant
Granada offers this open-air restaurant, a great venue to fully enjoy your meal with fresh air open space and an ocean view. If you prefer, you can have a private in-room dining service that is available anytime upon request.

Beach barbecue can be arranged upon request. Surely, everybody wants this - who doesn’t!
Asian mix and continental cuisine are available, so no need to worry about your choice of dish. Since this is by the sea, you can be assured that Granada’s sea food are fresh and still kicking while being prepared in their kitchen by their expert chefs.

EVENTS at Granada Beach Resort

Since this place is fantastic, you can take advantage and avail this venue for any event you want to happen here.

Granada offers facilities and services for most sorts of events, including…
Tropical wedding
Social Events, etc.

Any of those special events of your life can be actualize at the resort’s specific nice places, such as by the beach, at the roof terrace that overlooks the sea, by the poolside area, at the restaurant, among other spaces you think you like it to happen.


At this great area, Granada Resort offers the following accommodations…

Eight (8) air-conditioned rooms with ocean view and private balconies

En-suite double and twin rooms with ocean views and private balconies

Other rooms: five on the first floor, and three on the ground floor
If you are interested to check out the rates, please proceed by accessing their website address or using other contact details as provided below.


Phone: +63  939 476 7762
Address: Granada Beach - Boutique Hotel, Granada Beach Peninsula, Natalio Bacalso Avenue, South Cebu Road, Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines

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Until then, have an amazing tropical travel and fun holiday!

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