Cebu Advertising Policy

Cebu Advertising Policy

Dear Reader:

I accept sponsorship offers from high-quality establishments in Cebu within each tourism category. Support from sponsors will greatly improve and sustain the booming tourism industry of the province.

The sponsors will form an A-list of Cebu’s top travel and tourism service providers.

Before a tourism service becomes a sponsor, a review will be properly written. We will make sure that the services per sponsor will truly satisfy the needs of the users. 

The extensive review of a sponsor’s service(s) will then be published on this site. In the right column, an “ad” will be put up for greater exposure. The exposure will increase visibility of the review through the almost 600 pages of this site.

If you are selling various products and services to tourists and travellers in Cebu (e.g. resorts, hotels, villas, restaurants, tourism packages, etc.) and if you would like to know more about “Cebu Advertising” through sponsoring, please click here.

If you are a guest, please support this free travel guide.

Thank you!

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