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My attraction about website began many years back.
And, I dream of building one myself someday.

That dream just started to take form on January 2012 when I finally discovered how to build a site after a long search.

My intention of creating one is to become independent and be free to be expressive. Of course, this is the ultimate human inner desire.

I feel great that I finally discover how to do that. And I believe that having a site of my own is like running my own life and letting the whole world know my thoughts and dreams about things.

My second purpose of building this site is not only to run a small part-time work but also one that promotes social and healthy cost-effective development locally as well as one that promotes international development and cooperation. In order to attain that level of development, my philosophy is only to support activities that advances respect to all peoples and the environment.

I am building this site as part-time work or hobby at this stage. When it grows and becomes mature, I wish to do it full-time because it is interesting and worth doing. Currently, I am working for a non-governmental organization that endeavors to advance transparency by strengthening anti-corruption policies and activities for both local and international communities. 

Among the fields I studied, I did international studies (international development and cooperation) at Korea University. (This institution is one of the leading universities in the Republic of Korea in various fields of studies, including graduate school of international studies.) In this field, we study everything international – business, politics, environment & climate change, economics, etc. It helps me frame my site based on my understanding of the international world.

Abe Sumalinog
Regina, Ceb

But, Why Cebu Islands…

Among the numerous destinations in the country, Cebu was the No.1 on my list for thousands of reasons. Among them, I know more than enough about the province - its culture, people, and demography (although I admit that I haven’t exhaustively searched its every corner and each islands). Another reason is that it is where I completed my first degree, became more mature, and have made a lot of friends with whom I am still keeping in contact with (that’s University of San Carlos!).

Above all, Cebu (Sugbo) is my father and grandfather’s home province (blessed them!). This is more of a nostalgia in addition to the fact that Cebu’s beaches are one of the finest in the country. They used to live on an island that is now very popular for beach tourism – Mactan Island. Why they left the place? That I can’t fathom. I would have been lying on a hammock by the beach while writing this page, phew!

Regina, el amor de mi vida, is my best friend and source of support in this mission. She has international background since she has lived and educated in different countries. And, of course, she has been to Cebu Islands a few times, too. Her task is to help me understand how people travel and provide insights about their preferences as they plan for their holidays.

A feline & a canine
We have two pets: Felix Banderas and Anghela Pet Jolie
Felix is, of a feline family, is a tuxedo cat. The most distinguishing feature of tuxedos, among other breeds, is that they get up early in the morning and makes a lot of blaring and repetitive meows. He always wants his sand clean and spotless. Or else he would do it somewhere!

Anghela is an intelligent dog belonging to a rare black Korean Jindo breed (most probably related to Laika family that originates in Russia). Anghela treats Regina as her owner (and boss) but me as her playmate, which means that she only listens her orders.

Felix Banderas

Felix Banderas


Anghela Pet-Jolie


  • To introduce Cebu to the world: its rich beauty, people, culture, history...
  • To support and promote environmental protection of Cebu and the whole archipelago at large
  • To contribute in any way to tourism industry of Cebu and the Philippines at large, and...
  • To provide you quality information & guide map of Cebu to travelers & visitors.


  • We envision a world where everyone can travel freely and safely to beaches or places they so desire to visit.
  • We envision that through this humble site, we can contribute to promote world peace through culture exchange and travels.
  • It's our vision that by publishing world heritage sites, reservation areas, protected sanctuaries, and the unprotected bio-diverse areas can raise greater awareness among locals and tourist alike to take keen interest and to participate in protecting our endangered planet.
  • Finally, we envision one world in diversity...

On final note…
Thank you so much if you have been reading this page down to this part. Thanks for your time and interest. If you have questions (that we can answer), please do use the ‘Contact Us’ page. However, we would be very, very glad if you also leave a comment or just ‘like’ us on our facebook page.

Finally, if you are wondering how we build this website, you are very welcome to ask. For a hint, we are using a super easy program called SBI. It is easy because you don’t need to create those super complex codes. If you can type or click a mouse, you can build it.

My favorite quote...
Don’t waste time worrying what could go wrong but focus on doing how to make things work out. Do what you love most and you’ll never fail. You’ll not fail if you persist.

Really our pleasure to see you here.

Good luck on your new discoveries about Cebu and enjoy your travels!

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