Reverberating Budyong Beach Resort

Budyong Beach Resort...

Budyong Beach Resort, being on Bantayan Island, is also one of the beach establishments with the popular soft white sand all over.

Many visitors of Budyong say it is like Boracay Island, but minus the noise and crowd. Well, that’s a big comment they’re making. Let's find out more about it below and learn if it's true or not.

Budyong beach is close to another popular beach resort – Sugar Beach. You can just walk, virtually, from one resort/beach to another on this island.

Some of Budyong’s advantages are mentioned…

View of Budyong Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu

Great features of Budyong Resort

Budyong Beach Resort…

Has a better landscape, cleaner surrounding and environment, and you can’t find animals roaming around (e.g. dogs) looking for something to munch… (But, I’m not sure if they allow pets in this facility.)

Sandbar lay bare during low tide period.
Yes, this is one of the attractive sites in a resort among visitors. You’ll see and walk on it during low tide and swim over it during high tide… amazing!

Economical price
The establishment is close to the public market and restaurants. It means that you can buy your own food supplies if you prefer to prepare them yourself and be economical.

The resort itself has a restaurant.
Surely, you’ll have your sea food cooked, or fresh, from the turquoise waters of this island. Usually, fresh tropical fish, crabs, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, clams, squids, and more are on the top of their main menus.

Now, let’s check out the accommodation part of this resort. Here are their…

Budyong Beach Resort offers nice, clean and simple cottages by the beach.

Traditional cool cottages

Native huts under palm trees

Yes, this is one of my dream places to be – huts and palm trees. As you can see in the photo(s), huts are made of local native materials that create a cool and fresh atmosphere (air) inside the structure in this tropical climate.

Here are the choices of accommodations with their capacities to accommodate persons. Contact them if you wanna know the rates using the information below.

Duplex Cottages

These duplex cottages are established right in front of the beach where you can directly see and enjoy the fantastic view of the sea and surroundings.

These duplex cottages are built with traditional and local materials available. These sort of houses, although modernized, give cool and relaxing atmosphere. Here are the available rooms for you...

Air-conditioned Rooms - Beach Fronts (for 4 or two persons)
House Mate (15 persons) – has double deck & air-condition machines
Fan Room Accommodation – Bungalows for 2, 3, and 4 persons

White sand is all over this part of the island, where the cottages under coconut trees you'll find Budyong Beach Resort

Getting to Bantayan and Budyong Resort

When you arrive, or is already in Cebu City, just follow the following guide:

Take a taxi or jeepney (SM and Makro) for the North Bus Terminal, then take the bus for Hagnaya or San Remigio and ask the driver to drop you off where the pier is (ferries and boats for Santa Fe, Bantayan Island).

Please, click the link Getting To Bantayan Island to find out better guides and suggestions of transports and directions that you can take.

For further details, you may contact through phone or by visiting their sites. Here’s how in…


Budyong Beach Resort
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: (063)(32)438 5700
Mobile No: 0921 314 45275

Kota Beach is where Budyong Beach Resort is situated, where wide white sand can be enjoyed...

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Salamat kaau sa pagbisita!

Hope to see you here again.

Have a wonderful tropical holiday then!

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