Bantayan Air Island Tours

Bantayan Air Island Tours


Bantayan Air Island Tours

Fly to Bantayan Island from Cebu. Save your precious time!

Avoid 3-hour long drive! Fly with us for only 45 minutes!



"Greatness in Bantayan is about to Discover in a New Perspective"

We are please to announce that in Air Island Tours Partnership with Royhle Air Way Charter Inc

Now Flies its REGULAR CHARTER to Bantayan at an affordable Charter Rate!!!

Visit and book your Charter Flight Now for only

3,499 Per Passenger , MINIMUM OF 3 PASSENGERS

Avoid the Long Hour drive, Hassle way to travel, and a much more affordable Charter Flight to Bantayan

NOTE: Travel Period starts on January 4, 2017 , so Book your Charter Flight Now

For more info contact us at +639228555574

"Discover Greatness of Bantayan in a New Perspective"

Book now at Bantayan Air Island Tours!


More Services & Details

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Fly Further

Air Island Tours offers the safest, comfortable, private, time flexible and hassle-free airplane and helicopter charter flights, and aerial tours to most parts of the central Philippines.

Professional Services
Flying with Air Island Tour is not only better but best because their crew are not only professionals but also very friendly and hospitable. You will already enjoy your destination while flying with the crew. In fact, one of the passengers just exactly complimented the company for their service.

In her facebook account, a passenger said positively about her experience with Air Island Tour’s service saying: “Thank you Air Island Tours for the smooth and safe flight from Sta Fe, Bantayan Island to Mactan, Cebu. It was truly an interesting VIP experience to be able to see the aerial view of my hometown and reach Mactan for less than 45 minutes only. Hope to fly with you again soon!”


VIP Seats
In addition to the VIP treatment by friendly crew to their passengers, you will have a VIP seat when you fly with Air Island Tours’ airplane or helicopter. This VIP Seat makes you feel much safer, comfortable, get amazing views while in the air and a fantastic experience.


Great Services & Offers

Inter-Island Flights
Yes, Air Island Tours offers flights to any corporate traveler, tourist and anyone willing to try getting to places accessible in a fast and non-stressful way. You can travel to a destination island for your holiday or business purpose with much comfort and less time-consuming land and sea travels.

Aerial Tours
Of course, you don’t need to go that far to enjoy places and stay there for long. Through Air Island’s Aerial Tour service you can enjoy from a different perspective places that you think too common, but when seen from above you will appreciate and see them in a totally different perspective, and you will say: "what a beautiful world!"

You will also enjoy aerial views of islands and white beaches, lush green areas, mountains and even the horizon above the ground’s viewpoint. The Earth looks more beautiful above, up in the air than when you are on the ground!


Helicopter Rentals
Yes, you can rent their helicopter(s) and fly anywhere in the Philippines. Contact the company directly for more details regarding this interesting arrangement.


Charter Flights by Planes & Helicopters
Air Island Tours is having regular charter flights to and from various places in the central Philippines as well. Here are some of them…

To or From Bantayan Island
The company is flying starting this year (2017) its regular charter flight (for only PhP3,499/passenger/one trip). The minimum number of passengers is 3. You don’t worry and get tired from a long land travel since this charter flight will only take around 40 minutes to get to Bantayan Island.

The official launching of Bantayan Regular Charter Flights was held in December last year with the attendance of Royhle Air Way Charter, Air Island Tours, Bantayan resort owners and Mayor Espinosa of Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island.

Christmas & Holiday Discount Offers
Last year, Air Island Tours offered a 30% discount from their regular rate. So, you better watch out for their best offers and take advantage for it. Certainly, it is not the only season of the year that they offer huge discounts for your fast and time-saving travel.

Air Island Tours' Fleet


Charter Flight & Fleets

For your charter flight, you will have choices in flying with various aircrafts available. So, here is the fleet…

3-Seater Cessna Skyhawk 172
According to the source, Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history. In 1958, it has set the world record for flight endurance, which still stands. Skyhawk, according to, is “the ultimate training aircraft and the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built”. It has great visibility, a sophisticated glass cockpit and a slow landing speed.

4-seater Beechcraft Baron 55
Baron is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft by Beechcraft. Since its inception, Baron has always been near the top of light airplane ladder.

5-seater Cessna 206
Including the pilot, this six-seat single engine aircraft is popular. Although it is a bit squeezy for bigger guys, it can easily land in places where other planes should not or cannot (

8-seater Piper Navajo
This is a six-passenger seats and an airstair door airplane. It has an isle between the seats giving you the feeling of a ‘big airplane’. It is fast and comfortable and is thought to be designed as commuter of passengers (

5-seater AS350B3e Airbus Helicopter
It is considered a high-performance helicopter that outclasses all other single engine helicopters in terms of performance, safety, versatility and other factors. It endures hot conditions and high altitudes. It has an elegant cabin and passenger comfort. Airbus Helicopter can quickly and easily fulfill missions including heavy load transportation, medical evacuation, search and rescue, passenger transportation, among others (


By Private Aircraft Charter Flights
You will fly a charter flight with a private Fix Wing Aircraft with other passengers to your intended destination.

A medical evacuation flight is also available for your sick member or an injured patient that needs quick and immediate attention by expert doctors located far from your locale.

Charter destinations include...
The above information of this page basically publicizes flights in the Visayas Regions, more specifically Bantayan Island. However, as you might have noticed already as you scan the page, Air Island Tours also offers services to most accessible places in the country with over 7,000 islands. Here are the overall areas that are covered by the company’s services…

  • Visayas Region
  • Southern Luzon and,
  • Northern Mindanao
air-island-tours-cebu-bohol-flightsCebu-Bohol Flight

Getting in touch with Air Island Tours

Contacting Air Island Tours is easy and fast as flying. Through the information below, you can directly contact or book your flight in just a few minutes.

Address: Mactan-Cebu International Airport General Aviation, Pajac, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines
Phone:   +63 922 855 5574

Many thanks for reading down to this part. You will certainly enjoy your experience flying with any of those air-crafts. Whichever way you wish to travel, have the best holidays of your life!

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