Tranquil Alindahaw Lakeview Resort
'The Mystical Lake'

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, Lakewood

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. For adults' use swimming pool and a stage for any event are just two of the many facilities available at this lake resort. It is about 1 hour and a half from Pagadian City.

Alindahaw Lakewiew Resort

The Lakewood Story...

No one exactly knows where it came from or who gave the name “Lakewood”.

Some legends say that it’s a name of a general who first visited the area and named it with his family “Wood”.

However, another version says that it’s from the name of a Protestant missionary who brought Christianity to the natives (‘lumad’) in the area living around the lake.

But, until now no one can provide any concrete evidence as to what the origin of the name of this 800 kilometer wide lake really is. The name itself might be significant, or, might not mean anything at all…

Because what is important is what the place can offer and how it is being properly used for all people to see and enjoy with. Additionally, it is important to know how this beautiful place supports the livelihood of the people in the area.

Wild Ducks (photo: Filan/

In order to know a little bit more about Lakewood, let’s get to know about who are/were the original settlers of this place. Since I personally know this area, I can tell you about my knowledge about the locals whose indigenous group called the…


Subanon or Suba'nen (tribe) people are the native settlers of Lakewood since before the coming of the lowlanders (Christians and others coming from other islands of the country). Most Subanens used to live around the lake (danao) and depend on the resources from the lake for their subsistence, such as fish, crabs, fresh water shrimps, etc.

Also they depend on other plants that grow by the lakeside, including yams, sweet potatoes and other root crops; rice, corn, and other plants and vegetables.

Subanen people are also very adaptive to other water resources, such as rivers and streams. The word “suba” literally means ‘river’ in Visayan language. For that reason, we call them ‘river people’ in that sense.

With the influx of the lowlanders, some or many of the Subanens moved to other areas where they established their communities. Until today, Subanen or Suba’anen (or Subanun) people retain their traditional culture, language, customs & practices handed down from one generation to the next.

Just like the other Filipino tribal and cultural minorities and indigenous groups, Subanens enjoy their annual festivities that last for many days, such as the ‘Pintakasi’.

Subanen (photo: Filan/

Part of the lakeside has been developed as tourism site. Local and foreign visitors have been visiting Lakewood (or Alindahaw Lakeview Resort) long before its present development. This place is now nicely named as...

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. It is located in southern Mindanao Island.

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort of Lakewood Poblacion

Alindahaw (a Cebuano or Visayan word for ‘dragonfly’ or ‘drizzle’) is a newly established resort that provides swimming pools, cottages, kayaks, children’s playground, gazebo restaurants, pool tables, and other entertainment facilities available to all visitors for rent.

It is being ran by local entrepreneurs and some officials who own some shares of lots and piece of land around the lake. It is considered an eco-tourism resort.

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort is located in the area of the lake called Bisuangan. It is the part of the lake where the lake’s water flows out. It is also the area where commuter Bangka (boats) transport people and goods to the town of Lakewood – that is, before the road was built just by the lakeside.

Kriza on vacation!

I believe that Alindahaw Lakeview Resort area has been established as the best resort area because the view is much better than from the town’s side of the lake itself. From Alindahaw’s side, you can see Lakewood town with the nice view of the mountains behind it. People used to describe the mountains at the backdraft a ‘lady lying down on her back’.

In addition, Alindahaw Lakeview Resort also accommodates lake-themed events: wedding, birthday parties, team building activities, family outing, among others.

Mimi on holidays!

Let us investigate a little bit this municipality by going to the what the locals call as the "Poblacion", which is the…

Lakewood Town

The town proper of Lakewood is a well-organized town with concrete streets, a public market, stores, a clinic, public schools, government offices, and other function halls and facilities.

According to the census in 2000, Lakewood has a population of more than 16 thousand in more than 3 thousand households. The main source of income among the populace is farming, and some from mining and logging activities.

Included in Lakewood are political units called Barangays surrounding this municipality. There are 14 barangays including: Bagong Kahayag, Baking, Biswangan, Bululawan, Dagum, Gasa, Gatub, Luku-an, Matalang, Poblacion (Lakewood), Sapang Pinoles, Sibuguey, Tiwales, and Tubod (the barangay in the junction where you can the turn for Lakewood).

In other words, Tubod (‘spring’ in Visayan) is the gateway to the town and Alindahaw Resort. Tubod is the most populated and largest barangay among them. Some popular sites in or near Tubod is the Lily’s Spring and Mainit Waterfall on the way to Gatub barangay.

Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, Lakewood, Philippines. Now, you cannot just walk around the lake of take the boat, but also you can see the lake from above through a zipline. It might cost you a bit more but worth experiencing...

Finding Lakewood & Alindahaw Resort

Getting to Lakewood or Alindahaw Lakeview Resort is easy. You can take a “van” commuter from Pagadian City. You can reach Pagadian by land transports through Ozamiz City or Zamboanga City if you arrived in Mindanao by airplane or ship from various points.

Lakewood is about 42 kilometers from Pagadian City where you can take a van commuter. An alternative is that you can take any bus that passes by Tubod and get off there. From Tubod, you can take a van or a motorbike for hire (called ‘habal-habal’) to Lakewood. It is 12 kilometers far from Tubod to Lakewood or Alindahaw, Biswangan (or Bisuangan).

Contact Information

If you want to find out some more details, you may...

Phone:   +63 62 2154 000;

             +63 917 6250 204


That’s the most of it. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit when you do.

And, tell us your wonderful story then.

Alindahaw Lakewiew Resort. This resort overlooks the Poblacion of Lakewood. From this side of the lake, you'll experience the beautiful sun setting down just above the calm water of the lake.

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