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Abaniko Beach Resort

Updated: 03 August 2014
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Cool Abaniko Beach Resort, Bantayan Island

Alice Beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island (Cebu, Philippines) is just one of the sparkling white beaches on this popular island.

The whole island is lush of palm trees (coconut trees), dancing with the refreshing breeze, providing shade to everyone living and visiting the island.

The elongated white sand beach that surrounds the whole island is the only observable color that divides between the green coconut leaves topping the island and the turquoise sea water of Bantayan.

Now, let’s see what this resort offers…

If you are deciding to spend time in this area, Abaniko offers comfortable cottage accommodations.

It is just right in front of the white Alice Beach.

Abaniko Beach Resort is a small but nice place to stay in for your holiday or break.

Abaniko Resort's Offers

Abaniko has both electric fan and aircon cottages, depending on the availability of your choice.

Yes, of course, one of the most important facility. This tropical restaurant serves both German and Filipino dishes.

Surely, fresh and kicking sea foods are being served as fresh or cooked dishes.

This handy machine is the most common vehicle used by locals and visitors to tour around the island. It’s for rent.

Island Hopping & Fishing Adventure
These two interesting (one of the most interesting treats) offers are available when requested.

Island hopping means that you’ll be visiting secluded islands and islets and then explore, eat, and enjoy nature…

Fishing, of course, means that you’ll be catching colorful fishes using fishing rod than goes with the package deal.

Martial Arts and Fitness Training
Interesting, Abaniko might be the only place that offers these facilities. Children and adult can register and join the training program.

It could mean that you have to stay longer to become a master of martial arts or exercise. (:-

Free Pick up from Santa Fe Pier is a special offer of Abaniko’s management. Nice!

WiFi is available and it is Free!

Abaniko Cool Accommodations

Nice Abaniko Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

The resort has 5 individual native style bungalows close and facing the beautiful sea of Bantayan.

Abaniko's friendly proprietors offer homely and great services to all its visitors aside from the fantastic ambiance in the resort.

With affordable prices you can choose from, Abaniko offers non-aircon and airconditioned bungalow rooms.

Depending on your choice, you can have the following facilities inside your individual bungalow...

twin bed, air-con/no aircon, kitchenette, refrigerator, gas stove, bathroom, etc.

The rate is from Php900 to Php1,900 depending on the number of guests and bungalow you may choose.

More Amenities

  • Beach Front
  • Garden
  • Free WiFi at the reception area
  • Grilling area
  • Parking area


Abaniko does not free breakfast. You may have it from this resort or you may also try other restaurants with various menus around the area.

If you prefer, you may rent one of its two cottages that have kitchen facilities. That is, if you know how to move around and do things in the kitchen.

Finding Abaniko Beach Resort

Among the other resorts Abaniko is right next to Beach Placid and Anika Island Resorts, two of the most popular resorts on the island. It is locate just North of Bantayan Island's pier.

Address: Barangay Ocoy, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu Province, the Philippines
Phone:    (+63) 032.3187535
Mobile:    (+63) 0917.3147654
Website:  http://www.abaniko-bantayanisland.com/

Getting to Bantayan Island

Take a bus from South Bus Terminal in Cebu bound for Hagnaya where you can get boats that will bring you to the island. Of course, you can take also a taxi but it could be costly especially when you are travelling alone.

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Daghang Salamat!

Please, check out again this site in the near future for more pages and information regarding Bantayan.

Have fun!

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