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White beaches & resorts - swim, dive, relax on Cebu Islands...

Warm Tropical Welcome!

Sunrise in Bantayan Island CebuSanta Fe, Bantayan Island

Come and experience Cebu’s past and present with its exotic tropical environment.

Cebu Province is a popular destination among beach enthusiasts, resorts lovers, pilgrim divers, and adventurers of varied talents.

There are about 167 islands, some of which are inhabited while most of them are secluded islands with white sand beaches and coconut palms. Over 3,000 resorts have been identified and still growing, counting…

The resorts and beaches in Cebu offer various selections of accommodations, activities, adventure sites, and cater social or business services. This free website offers you guides to this Visayan island and lets you know that Cebu is worth diving for!

White Beach 'Basdaku' ResortBasdaku 'White Beach' Beach

cebu white beach

Beautiful Beaches. The island's beaches with blue-waters and with mostly white sands are truly amazing and irresistible. The most popular beaches are in Camotes Islands, Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island, Moalboal, Mactan, & more.

cebu beach

Free from Noise. Its beaches are not crowded because there are many of them. You can have your own relaxing space and time under palm trees' shade in most secluded beaches and islands around the province.

cebu resort

All-Inclusive Resorts. Cebu's resorts cater to visitors who prefer to be accommodated in beachfront resorts with swimming pools, hotels & spas, massage parlors, gyms, bars, native Filipino dishes and international cuisines.

Whale shark watching and swimming is one of the popular water activities in Cebu Province. These gentle giants can be easily spotted in Oslob Town.Tanawan, Oslob Municipality

snorkel cebu

Fun Water Activities. Cebu province is popular for most water activities and adventures, such as: scuba diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, boating, shark diving, whale shark watching, ship-wrecked scuba diving, muck diving...


Family, Couples, or Individual Vacation. This island is best for family vacations, honeymoons, group trips, etc. Accommodations come in various types, such as: luxurious and discount hotels, condos, pension houses...

Maias Beach Resort Bantayan IslandMaia's Swimming Pool, Bantayan Island
cebu wicker

Business or Real Estate. This Visayan island is booming economically on various business ventures, including: industries, EPZ, furniture, arts, real estate, etc. Do your business here amidst blue-water and fresh sea breeze.

Magellan's Cross

About Cebu. Cebu is a great place for everything - people, history, culture, weather, beliefs, and everything its 167 islands can offer. Cebuanos are very hospitable, industrious & relax, and welcoming to both local and foreign travelers alike. COME & SEE!

Sunset in Moalboal CebuSunset in Panagsama Beach

Historical places, such as the Magellan's Cross, tourist attractions, hotspots, landmarks, and museums in Cebu City are also worth visiting.

Aside from the beaches, you can also enjoy the tropical waterfalls, caves, mountains, environmentally protected areas and more.

When getting to some particular and popular islands in Cebu, please use the links by clicking these pages: getting to Cebu, Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, and Moalboal Area.

Let us show you around... start surfing the pages now!

Tingko Beach in Alcoy CebuAlcoy Beach

Please, have fun and enjoy your visit! Feel free to comment, write stories, send e-mail, ask questions, suggest, and anything ... (^^)

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